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How to ensure the hygroscopicity of reusable pee pads?

The hygroscopicity of reusable pee pads is mainly ensured by their material and design.

The hygroscopic performance of reusable pee pads is closely related to the material they are made of. Common materials include cotton, bamboo fiber, microfiber, etc. These materials have good hygroscopicity and breathability, and can quickly absorb urine and disperse it, keeping the surface of the changing pad dry. In addition, some high-end reusable pee pads will also use special water-absorbing technology, such as quick water-absorbing layers or water-absorbing beads, to further improve their moisture-absorbing performance.

The design of a changing pad also plays an important role in absorbency. Some changing pads use a multi-layer structure, including a surface layer, an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer. This design can better lock urine and prevent it from penetrating to the outside, while keeping the inside of the changing pad dry. In addition, the size and thickness of the changing pad will also affect its moisture absorption performance. Generally speaking, larger size and appropriate thickness can provide better moisture absorption effect.
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Finally, in order to maintain the hygroscopicity of changing pads, regular cleaning and maintenance is also very important. When cleaning, use mild detergent and avoid detergents containing irritating ingredients to avoid damaging the hygroscopic properties of the changing pad. At the same time, the drying environment of the diaper pad will also affect its hygroscopic performance. It is best to choose a well-ventilated and sunny place for drying.

The hygroscopicity of reusable diaper pads is ensured through material selection, design optimization, and regular cleaning and maintenance. Of course, different brands and types of changing pads may have differences in moisture absorption performance, so you can choose according to your own needs when purchasing.
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